Special Meeting Report (May 30th )

1. The meeting was called to order by Joe at 5:30
2. Main info for the meeting concerning the issue of the Sport and Home Show
3. Our special speaker from Rice Lake went over WFNW’s info and thought it was possible to do a sport show but now her position was really taken over by Jule Hand who would be a better resource and could answer many of our questions… Main thought….. Do we need a coordinator?? Is it too big for WFNW to handle on our own…. Next meeting Jule will be there to go over info and to look into $$ for her services… Was felt by WFNW that we could get the 80 vendors needed for the show and if we are going to do it … we need to get going fast…

This should be decided at the 15th meeting…. please attend … your input and ideas are needed

4. The meeting will be on June 15th (Thursday) at the Flat Creek eatery at 5:30….. please plan on attending

5. Other business…… vote and approval of $2000 to Winter Lakes Alliance ($1200 for stocking and $800 for Kids fishing event)

6. voted to update the membership form to include only a family membership (no more individual ) $25 also that a new membership drive and better documentation to start NOW!! new memberships will be From Sept 1 to August 31st but this year(2017 to 2018 ) will begin on June 1st , 2017 to August 31st , 2018…… We need to do a better job of keeping our members in formed.

possibly quarterly updates and e-mails…. will keep working on this

7. PROMOTING WFNW! We need to do better…. much more on this as we proceed… Ed and Sharon will take memberships to Tiger Cat Event on Saturday June 2nd…. thanks to them…

8. Remember to write Thursday June 15th at 5:30 on your calendar…. at the Flat Creek…..

See you there WFNW Rick (sec)

Meeting – November 30th , 2016

Minutes for November 30th , 2016

  1. In Attendance: Rick M. , Pat L. , Jan S. , Rick H., Joe G. , Bob S. , Bob R., Sue S. , and Bill W.
  2. The meeting was called to order by Joe at 5:30 A warm welcome to Rick Marks and Patrick Lyons!!
  3. Treasurers report by Bob S. showed WFNW to have a balance of $8400.39 with all bills paid
  4. meeting minutes from our last meeting were read and approved as written
  5. Rick brought up a recommendation to make sure we use many of items we have on hand( cups, plates, napkins, ketchup , mustard… no need to buy more of these items
  6. use of trailer….. from Lions club….. Rick will take care of that
  7. Jan to advise that the “marketing club” as their $ for 4-H project will handle the food instead of the wrestling club
  8. Bob R. will handle the food tent
  9. Joe distributed names of leaders of groups for all of the tasks…. all is being taken care of. Joe will contact team leaders to ask if they need anything or if they are getting ready to go
  10. Bob pointed out that the only thing on the list of NEEDED is ICE COVER!! cold seems to be coming this week
  11. same ticket prices as last year….. $135 pk of tickets for $75….. $ 5 entrance for adults…. Kids free this year 17 and under
  12. Grand prize?? large prizes?? some thought on this ….. decisions later at next meeting … bring your ideas!!
  13. highschool ice fishing contest: website: www.studentfishing.com
  14. PLAQUE recommendations: many many deserving…. names so far: Steve H. Jim W. George, Rick M. Wayne, Bob S. Bill W. more on this as specifics come
  15. yes the sport show event is a go….. dates times to be determined later….. attempting to get 80 vendors… Bob S. is working on this.
  16. S.C.O.P.E meeting at Johnson Timber conference room next Wednesday at 5:40 (Dec 7th) Rick and Bob will represent WFNW special thanks for their continuing support and work at WFNW events and $$.
  17. special thanks to Michelle and Sue for all the work they are doing…. great job!!
  18. next meeting at Logger’s Mill on Thurs Dec 15, at 5:30….. see you there!!

respec. submitted, Rick