Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin Officers

President: Joe Gendrich
Vice President: Bob Rienert
Secretary: Rick Hasselquist
Treasurer: Bob Schuster

Board of Directors
Rick Marks
Steve Cain
Dave Neuswanger
Michele Hadley
Event volunteer: Julie Gendrich

Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin Sept Meeting
Hi All, yes another year 2019 to 2020 is upon us and we are already getting things into action. The
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See you Jan 31st and Feb 12th, and Feb 16 at the event
The “ice Event” is upon us on Saturday Feb. 16th…. yes it’s coming…. The “ice Event” is upon us on
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Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin (Jan 3rd updates)
The $$ was distributed to “quiet Lakes” association for their “Eco Harvester” ($2500) Michelle, met with their representative and pictures
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