Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin Officers

President: Joe Gendrich
Vice President: Bob Rienert
Secretary: Rick Hasselquist
Treasurer: Bob Schuster

Board of Directors
Rick Marks
Steve Cain
Dave Neuswanger
Michele Hadley
Event volunteer: Julie Gendrich

Next meeting for WFNW at the COOPS pizza at 6:00pm
Sorry all for the confusion but WFNW October 11th meeting will be at COOPS pizza at 6:00pm. Please bring your
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Meeting: Wednesday August 15 at the Flat Creek Eatery at 6:00
Hi all, yes changes are on the horizon and yes we are continuing with a great agenda for 2018-19. Plans
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Planning meeting will be on Thursday, January 18th
Hi All, yes the fishing is event will be here before you know it. (February 18th, 2018) Yes and the
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