Meeting – December 6th, 2017

  1. Meeting was called to order by Joe at 5:30.
  2. Short secretary’s report followed by treasury report by Bob ( current funds $9917.16)
  3. The SPRING sport and home show is OFF….  We could not get together with our coordinator to get things rolling. more in the future as we take more time to plan for this event.
  4. Bob took the time to review and thank our many sponsors for WFNW.   their $$ and support is what makes us successful, along with a great membership of devoted individuals and families that continue to do the work that allows us to sponsor so many projects.
  5. Joe went over in detail, the teams and assignments for work to do for the “ice Event” on February 17,2018.  If you are not on a team to help and want to help please respond to this E-mail and we’ll put you on a team.  We are in need of some persons to set up the building on Friday February 16 at the landing.  Everyone will be there at 9:00AM to get set up for Saturday.  I f  you are available, we can sure use the help!!
  6. Discussed persons to honor at the event.  There are many, many deserving.  More on this after the next meeting
  7. Kid’s FREE at the ice event  17 and under.   Adults will get wristbands for $5
  8. Ticket bundles can be purchased for all the drawings.  ONLY can be purchased as a bundle before the event  $250 worth of tickets for $75… otherwise tickets need to be purchased individually at the event..   only 200 bundles are available at local retailers and sponsors
  9. went through our suggestion list from last years event and made improvements for the day
  10. Check out the website for… many new pictures and information


NEXT meeting is on WEDNESDAY   December 20th, at 5:30 at the Flat Creek Eatery……………..  See you there