Meeting Minutes – 12/17/2012

WFNW Minutes for Dec. 17, 2012
Meeting called to order 5: 45
Present: Joe Gendrich-Larry Snider-Bob Schuster-Frank Pratt-
Tom High.
Attending Jim Genrich- Casey Stangl (from Nelson Lake) Sue Schuster.
Dec. 10th minutes will be accepted at next meeting along with tonight’s.
Treasures report will be accepted at next meeting.
Discussions on color of tickets- important to determine what is what and have vibrant colors.
Also Steve Hawthorn agreed to borrow us fluorescent lights to light up the cabin better is sales. Joe will check on that.
Joe will check with Steve Hawthorn to bundle tickets at his jhlarson building. (75.00 bundles.)
Discussed Breaks for volunteer s . We will try to get more volunteers to accommodate this. Julie will contact other Lake Associations that we have stocked in the past and see if we can get some volunteers.
Motion made by Joe Gendrich to have teams of two selling tickets, Bob Schuster second motion.
Discussed having more control on distribution and collection of money. Money will be picked up every 45 minutes. Larry Snider will handle monies and all monies will be counted with two people.
Julie will ask police officers to sit at head of boat launch as deterrent.
Frank Pratt spoke of his Hayward Fishing Expo being March 16th, at the Wesleyan Church. WFNW should have a booth there.
Next meeting is Tuesday Jan. 8th 5:30 pm J. H Larson building.
Meeting adjourned motioned by Joe, second by Bob. Ended at