Meeting Minutes – December 2018

1.welcome to all and introductions of new members

2.treasurer’s report…project reports payments

3. secretary’s report

4. update from Desmond, Ben and Wayne…. Wayne went over in detail our “ice Event phamplet”
updates and information needed was exchanged before it gets published… new sponsors,, updated dues and prizes for this year’s event…………………..seems to be ready! great job Wayne

Casey went over his group for the event.. They are also ready.. has many volunteers and they are so greatly appreciated. Free 1 year memberships for our volunteers?? two memberships for the price of 1 ???? ideas to be discussed at our next meeting.

Desmond went over social media updates. She is getting a handle on the information she needs from WFNW to make her site more effective. Always a work in progress to update… thanks to Desmond for her expertise in this area…PayPal online credit for donations?? looking in to all aspects

5. Poster Ads…. Bob is almost completed… couple of more to explore for Silver sponsors…. Bronze are all set. special thanks to Hayward Home Center for their continued partnership with WFNW.

6. Adding M&M rental as Silver sponsor…. thanks for all they do to make our Ice Event go!!

7. Buttons will be available at the next meeting…. Buy a button for $5…. become a “Fish Stocker”
Each button purchased will entitle the purchase of 3 extended growth walleyes (7-9 inches) by WFNW to be stocked in an area DNR approved lake.

8. Ice Event is coming soon…. We need all of members to attend a meeting to be part of our day on February 16th , 2019….

9. special thanks to the Gendrich family for donating the food for the VIP trailer.

10. have names for special recognition?? let me know

Next meeting is Dec 13th at the Red Wine( school house Wine in Stone Lake) at 5:30 ( January schedule, rusty Hook 3rd….. 17th and 31st TBD)

thanks, Rick See you there!!