Meeting Minutes – November 8th 2018

November 8th meeting minutes (4 Seasons )

1. introductions to new people (Ben Sabin)
2. Treasurer’s report indicating that we have 14,006 at this time with a few bills to be paid
3. Secretaries report accepted as read
4. Heard a request for support from Dave N. representing the quiet lakes assoc(Ghost, Teal and Lost Land Lakes) requesting a donation towards their “ECO-HARVESTER” , a machine to improve habitat by getting rid of choking weeds from the lake. It is much more than a weed cutter as it actually removes the plant and restores the lake environment for aquatic life mainly fish populations……… This project was up for motion, seconded and approved by all for a total donation of $2500. Possibility that this machine can be used by other lake associations for use on their lakes.
5. viewed and approved buttons to be sold this year for $5. They would say “I am a fish Stocker” The idea would be to promote that each button so
ld would pay for 3 extended growth walleyes to be stocked in approved lakes in our area (fish 7-9 inches). Rick will order these.. approval for 1000 to be ordered.
6. Desmond on top of things with social media…. need to get her the information and pictures for her communications to be effective…. will get this done this week … thanks to Desmond for handling this project.
7. “ICE EVENT” will soon be here!! please plan on attending and offering your assistance for this major fund raiser for WFNW…. We need you!! We will be setting up the building on Friday Feb. 15 at 9:00 at the landing. Ed, Bob and I set it up last year…. Could use many more hands…. please contact me to help out with this and other projects. Many of the prizes are already purchased, so are tickets, Bob taking care of poster ads, Wayne with the flier and fish stuff.
8. Remember Dues are Due…. please sent to WFNW
9. membership drive…. each member trying to get 2 new persons…. yes I have mine, Michelle does too!!
10. questions comments?? let me know…. Agenda items?? let me know and I’ll get them on the agenda…
11. Speaking of Agenda…. Next meeting is Thursday, Nov. 29th at 5:30 at Black Iron
12. Yes the following meeting is also set for Dec. 13th at 5:30 at Red Wine (School house Wine in Stone Lake)
13. Michelle, Did I finally get it right the first time??
14. See you at the meeting, Rick