Meeting Minutes October , 2019

Next meeting is at the Black Iron on Monday Nov.11 at 6:00…. see you there

2. things are getting rolling for our current year… First up is our Christmas raffle motion to add our top flight ice shelter to the grand prize… seconded and passed tickets are $20 or 3 for $50 added to our ticket bundles to make a total of $125 speaking of ticket bundles: motion to keep our ticket bundles for the ice event the same as in the past instead of changing the prices to $100 for $165 worth of tickets…. motion: Ticket bundles to remain at $75 for $135 worth of tickets as a pre-buy before the event and $100 on the day of the event…seconded and passed

3. new donation form developed by Sharon (great job!) check it out at our website

4. project approved to Winter Lakes Alliance for stocking of 2500 extended growth walleyes into 10 area lakes with WFNW picking up part of the cost

5. Ice Event poster to be done soon so we can get them out early for our supporting businesses Thanks Michelle and Bob

6. new year means YOUR membership dues are $20 per person or family… please send them to our address…. we have many projects on tap and dues are a very important part of our finances

7. have ideas for WFNW?? please attend a meeting or let me know and I’ll get to Ben , our president and on the agenda

8. remember next meeting on Nov 11th…. also get the next meeting on your calendar Dec 9th at the Rusty Hook

9. See you on the 11th…. Rick