Minutes – November 2016

Minutes for Thursday Nov 10th , 2016

  1. The meeting was called to order by Joe at 5:30
  2. In attendance were: Joe G, Bill W. , Bob and Sue S. , Janice S. Rick H. Robert R. and new from Tiger Cat ( Ed and Sharon Bushman, Welcome!!)
  3. Last meeting minutes were read and approved
  4. Treasurer’s report from Bob showed WFNW to have over $8000 in checking with just a few outstanding bills to pay (monies went out in coordination with Max W. (DNR) for additional stocking in Blaisdell and Barker lakes.
  5. ICE EVENT: Will be here sooner than later!! planning is well on it’s way. Joe has taken care of necessary permits and insurance for the day. Bob is already ahead of the game with area business support for poster Ads and sponsorship for the event. Trailers and set-up to be finalized and Bob will coordinate with Michelle (who’s working on many parts) to see where she is at. Jim W. is requesting that someone take over for set-up as it’s getting to be more and more as he is getting younger!! (thanks so much to Jim for all the years) Rick will check with Jim to see if we can at least get him in a supervisory role. Food is in the works with help from our new friends from the school (thanks Janice) Will be looking more closely at specific assignments at the next meeting as Joe will sit down with his division of teams to work on various tasks. Bob made a request of $8500 to cover costs he will encounter for the event’ This was voted on and approved. This will the the 21st annual event’ without everyone’s support and willingness to work it wouldn’t happen… than ks to all who have helped
    in the past and we’re on our way to making the 2017 ice event one to remember!! More on this after the 30th.
  6. Bill gave an update on the sucker project on Nelson lake…. looks like really good progress… 1000 lbs of suckers were stocked and already are seeing some carry-over and spawning success. Pictures of the day of stocking will be coming… Kids helped with the day… It was Awesome!! thanks to Bill, Max for making this happen… Will keep everyone updated as this project continues.
  7. Plaque for recognition for the ice event: some names are already being considered … more from the next meeting on this topic
  8. Tax forms and filings have been finished and reviewed… everything looks good!! thanks to Bob for all he does as treasurer!!
  9. TASTE OF HAYWARD!! this is exciting and new!! project for last part of April is a sport and home show at the Hayward Arena. Space has been spoken for, and Bob is well on the way of area businesses to rent spaces for display… This is a major project and all feel it can be done to benefit the entire community…. proceeds to WFNW and the youth wrestling program as well as others.. Much brainstorming at this time to specifics but at this time WFNW is looking at the possibility of 80 plus vendors getting together to promote their products…. food, coupons, wristbands, “Float the Boat raffle” (not a misprint) details to follow….. ideas so far…. $10 entrance fee $15 for a couple kids are free…. (this gets you a bobber and coupons from vendors) food from the Wrestling Club, Seminars. Pre-sales of tickets for the event?? discounted?? sold at area participating businesses?? Event would be Thurs thru Sunday. set up on Thurs, 2 or 3 days???. Will be a specific WFNW meeting just for this event?. more as it comes in Grand prize?? maybe a boat and motor… This could be the start of something big for WFNW!!!
  10. next meeting will be on Nov 30th at the GridIron Pub and Grub at 5:30 ( 10562 Main St. Hayward) phone: 634-2462 See you there!!

respec. submitted, Rick