Minutes – October 2016

October 2016 Minutes

  1. the meeting was called to order by Joe at 6:00 at FlatCreek eatery
  2. The last meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted
  3. Bob gave the treasurers report noting a balance of 17,002.32 with some bills yet to be received, approved, and paid
  4. read multiple letters from the president (Deb) and vice-president(Jerry) from the Winter Lakes Alliance thanking WFNW for their support to their association. WLA stocked 2500 extended growth walleyes into their area lakes Also included was a big thank-you to Bob for his time and effort in getting such nice prizes for WLA’s kids fishing contest. ($2000 given out to their walleye stocking projects for 10 area lakes)
  5. Heard from Janice Snider (Hayward Wrestling club president) on their interest to establish a 501-C3 partnership with WFNW. They could use this certification for fund raising and would help at WFNW events. This was felt by all to be a good relationship and tie to Hayward schools and it’s youth. Their request was approved by unanimous vote. Welcome Janice and your club!!
  6. Discussed the project of sucker stocking from Nelson/Smith lake. Continue of funding on the second year of their two year project. WFNW is contributing $1000 for each year.
  7. The lake association on Placid/Tigercat is asking for $1480 (matching money) for walleye stocking. Need to see their permit, and document of expense… When this is done (Joe will get info) the motion passed to accept
  8. motion to accept 100 book donation to our club… motion carried
  9. looking for ways to get “youth involved” in our program. Walleye clubs, ice fishing teams, contests between towns…
  10. SPORT SHOW???? maybe!! Bob thinks we could do it… lots to do!! Joe thinks we could make some $$ and that the community would welcome an event to promote BUSINESS in Hayward….. Where to start?? place to hold it?? Janice will look into the possibility of the ice arena… last part of April?? much more to come with this as WFNW looks into details…. info as we get it… Maybe a special meeting coming soon just on this topic.
  11. Next meeting is Nov 10th at 5:30 at Trails End Resort…. see you there!!