October 15, 2012

Board meeting at the Flat Creek Eatery Monday October 15, 2012 was a productive one.
Present: Steve Hawthorn, Bob Schuster, Joe Gendrich,Tom High.
Steve Hawthorn from Spider Lake was very happy with the quality of fish that were stocked in Spider Lake. Tom High also was pleased with the walleyes stocked in the Winter Lakes. Chippewa flowage was still in the process of receiving their 25,000 walleyes.
The Board also voted to help pay for stocking 500 walleye in Bean Lake, once we receive a copy of the stocking permit from Bob Reinert.
The poster ads are almost complete and prizes are being bought for the 17th annual Ice Fishing Event. S.C.O.P.E. again donated $2,500.00 to buy kids prizes. Slumberland is also donating to the kids prizes again this year. We truly are lucky to be associated with such fine businesses/organizatons that care about giving to our kids at the event.
There was a discussion on possibly having two posters advertising our Ice Fishing Event, one for the “cash” prize sponsors and the normal big one. Pro’s and Con’s about two posters were discussed and no dicission was made. Joe will check with cash sponsors and get back to the board on how they feel about being on a seperae poster.
Tom High suggested we start giving out Membership cards to members at the time of their renewal. We will be coming up with a sample membership card and start implementing this soon. Great idea Tom! Receipts will also be given to renewals or new members, and Thank you notes will be mailed out also.
We will soon be set up to either pay dues on line, or download a form and send in your dues or make a donation on line. We will also be able to “buy a walleye on line”. All these changes will help us raise money and promote our organization.
Due to Deer Hunting, the next Board meeting will be at the Steak House, November 12, 2012 at 5:30 pm
If you would like a copy of the minutes, please e-mail a request.