See you Jan 31st and Feb 12th, and Feb 16 at the event

The “ice Event” is upon us on Saturday Feb. 16th….

yes it’s coming…. The “ice Event” is upon us on Saturday Feb. 16th…. We need all of your help to make this another great day for everyone… The plans are really in progress with just a few things to wrap up and get organized before the day arrives.

First things…. next meeting is on Jan. 31st at 5:30 at the Flat Creek… If you can make it THIS is the day to come share your thoughts, food, and ideas to get things wrapped up for the event.

thanks to Michelle and Wayne for pamphlets, ordering, etc. to get us going… Ed, Sharon and Bob for Poster distribution (Michelle and Wayne too) Poster Ads look great and thanks to Bob for all his work getting this project together… Sue and Bob putting the ticket packages together. Many others for all their work…. ALL VOLUNTEERS!! thanks everyone

Reminder of Scott’s great idea of having a special wheel chair demonstration and use for those in need of assistance… looking forward to the presentation

NEXT…. We will be putting the prize packages together on Feb 12, at 2:00 at M&M. yes we can use all the help we can get… the more the faster it goes…. We might even be able to get you a pizza slice or two… plan on helping… questions?? let me know
Ed and I will pick up the building, gas tanks, stove on Thurs. (Feb 14th) and will be setting up on Fri.(15th at 9:00 am)… if you can help, let me know. Wayne will also be setting up his fish station… we can help him too!!

Wayne is updating our big posters… big job! thanks so much… they are really nice display pieces at the site and out by the road.

remember ticket packages…. $135 worth of ticket raffles for $75 if you pre-buy… These ticket bundles will be sold for $100 the day of the event… I’m getting mine early also remember your ticket prize bonus for each bundle purchased. thanks Bob for picking this up

New mission statement written and approved, reads as follows: Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to conservation practices and programs involving youth, families, and community. WFNW seeks to accomplish this by funding projects to improve our fisheries through stocking, habitat and water quality programs and working with the WDNR to provide quality fishing now and for future generations to come.

questions?? comments?? let me know and I’ll put them on the agenda for the 31st

See you Jan 31st and Feb 12th, and Feb 16 at the event

Thanks for your support of WFNW