Thurs. Feb. 4th, 2016

1. Joe called the meeting to order at 5:30 at the

2. The ice fishing event…. coming soon with many plans done and some
yet to be made.

3. Food?? Joe will finalize with Rich M. about food, hopefully all is ready
if not?? Michelle will look into alternatives…

4. Wayne is ready to go… wristbands and tickets…… awesome!!

5. Bob says over $4000 in checking… almost $7500 coming in yet in ads..
thanks to all our ad sponsors

6. Bob mentioned donors to WFNW…. a complete list in next minutes… special
thanks to S.C.O.P.E for their support and to TImber Ford and Link RV

7. Joe says all the permits are in…. we are ready to go!!

8. Dave did an ice assessment… 4 corners on a 200 X 150 ft area… marked with orange
found 9 inches in 2 areas and 12 inches of ice in the other two… should make plenty of ice
with the cold weather to come and being plowed off. (placement of a “park on the ice at your own risk” sign at the lake edge) Our insurance policy is also in place….

9. volunteer party for the event will be on Feb 28th at 5:00 at Timber Ford…. yes they are sponsoring it ..
thanks so much for your support!!

10. Timber Ford would like to bring some Sponsor vehicles to the ice event… sounds good!!

11. Thanks to Michelle for setting up our meeting place at the Steakhouse… great food!! great service!!

12. next meeting is a working one at the place next to Bob’s bait. It will be on Thurs. Feb 11th at 4:00
(note the earlier time) at the “keeping it Real” building (15743 Davis ave Park) SCOPE will be there too
as we will be getting prizes ready

13. questions….??? let us know…. thanks everyone for you help with this event!!

respec. sub., Rick