Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin (Jan 3rd updates)

The $$ was distributed to “quiet Lakes” association for their “Eco Harvester” ($2500) Michelle, met with their representative and pictures in the Record. Their association raised over $70,000 for the machine and training. Looking forward to watching this project go forward… All are invited to go to see how this transpires.
ICE EVENT…. yes it’s coming sooner than later… much is being done, in progress, and on the table for completion. This is a BIG event which requires all of our WFNW volunteers, and business, community partners. Please find a way to get involved… We can use your help in many areas. If you have some time and are willing to help… please respond and We’ll find a right time and place to use you..
volunteer list and updates to be presented at the next meeting….. GAS- We need 15 gallons for the day… no kerosene Bob will order the propane… Rick and Ed will pick it up. Bob R. will check to see if wrestling youth are going to do food station. Casey to check on Police Dept. and will do security and traffic for the event. 4 generators from M& M for the day. Rick and Ed will be in charge of setting up the main building.. yes we can use more help… Scott, Wayne also are there and helping. Michelle ordering kids prizes and rip ticket prizes. Ad posters done-Bob… Ed, Sharon, Scott, Bob distributing… Wayne too!! Getting the word out!!
Scott had great idea, voted and approved to have “fishing has no boundaries” wheelchair there for training, demonstration , and how to get to use from FHNB.
Next meeting is at the Rusty Hook on Jan 17th at 5:30. See you there, Rick Please remember, We’re volunteers and doing a great job!! thanks for ALL your time, work and efforts and thanks for supporting WFNW