Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin Sept 9th Meeting Minutes

  1. meeting was called to order at 5:30
  2. First order of business was to elect new officers.. (president, Vice-president and secretary)  Congratulations to Ben Sabin our new president—  Rick Hasselquist re-elected as secretary–  Vice president not filled with this position being held for election at our next meeting.
  3. much discussion about raffle tickets for the ice event…. currently we offer $135 of tickets in our ticket bundles for pre-buy of $75… looking at offering $165 of tickets for $100 with 10% going to the business or individual selling the ticket bundles…  This needs to be voting on and approved and will be addressed in detail at our next meeting.
  4. want to get things done early this year. Michelle has the paperwork done for our 501-C3 document… ready to go… also want to get poster and ad monies early .  Michelle and Bob will get going on this. Many of the prizes for the ice event has been purchased . Rick will get our partnership with SCOPE going and their contribution
  5. Christmas raffle featuring $1500 dollars in prizes will be available for $20 tickets or 3 for $50…. have the prizes already.. getting 200 tickets printed….. also gun raffle 1 shotgun and 1 rifle(308)…  Tickets will be $10 each  will get 200 tickets for this raffle also
  6. Want to get our Ice event in local papers… Outdoor news, wisc outdoors, etc… Rick will get our ice event dates in these publications
  7. new storage unit…. will be in town… will be moving our stuff from the old building this weekend… thanks to Michelle and Bob and others for this job… If you can help get a hold of Michelle
  8. next meeting will be at Treeland resort on Oct 14th at 6:00 (Michelle will set this up)
  9. November 11th meeting will be at Black Iron at 6:00
  10. Dec 9th meeting will be at the Rusty hook at 6:00
  11. questions??  let me know
  12. also  new year is starting so $$$ are due… $20 for family membership and $100 for associations
  13. thanks to Tim for keeping our website updated…. will get the new poster to you as soon as it is finished.
  14. NEW DATE:   “FAMILY ICE EVENT”will be on Saturday February 15th, 2020

Respectfully submitted, Rick