Wed. January 26th, 2016

Wed. January 26th, 2016

1. meeting at Coops was called to order by Joe at 7:00

2. The entire agenda was devoted to the fishing event coming quickly on
Saturday Feb 13th.

3. Joe and Bob went over the entire work group sheet.. with emphasis on whether
anyone needed anymore help… Some assignments were made and it was agreed
that it seems like everyone’s department is handled.

4. posters and last minute details were assigned with Dave taking care of DNR permits

5. ice conditions are a concern and it will be finalized on Feb 4th on whether or not parking can
be done on the lake.

6. Michelle has taken care of trailers and many last minute tasks and will make sure her end is
ready for Friday before and Saturday…

7. Girl scouts and Salvation army stations will be allowed….

8. Will talk to Frank and see if his lure station will be done or needed as it is tough for him to do in the
cold…. Joe will try to get a hold of him..

9. raffles, tickets, parking, food, ice shelters, generators, money boxes, fish measuring, etc. ….. all ready to go!!

10. good job persons…. thanks to so many members and volunteers!!!… and business supporters!!

11. next meeting is Thurs. Feb. 4th at 5:30 at the “Steakhouse” please note time change again and new place to meet

respec. submitted, Rick